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The Archangel's Gift


Jamie is an intelligent but rather self centered almost-nine year old girl who is counting and shaking her presents on Christmas Eve. After a failed attempt to read the Christmas story, Jamie’s father gives her a strange gift - a wooden statue of an old, fat, balding angel with tattered wings. Because of a wish that Jamie makes earlier in the evening, the statue comes to life at her bedside, and the irascible old angel takes her on a magical journey back in time to the first Christmas night in Bethlehem.

During her night’s adventure, Jamie manages to meet two of the wise-men, a couple of shepherd boys, and eventually a shivering, young new mother, where Jamie’s spontaneous act of kindness changes Christmas forever.


The Archangel’s Gift offers one of the most endearing holiday tales to come along in quite a while. Morgan’s story is not just for kids.Adults and families who enjoy revisiting their holiday book collectionsevery December are going to add this one to their must-read lists foryears to come.


From start to finish, The Archangel’s Gift is pure delight.Beautifully developed characters, clever tongue-in-cheek humor, acaptivating story line, and just enough magic come together in a bookthat deserves to become a holiday classic.

Cheryl M. Hibbard

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