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Sailing Away

(By Richard Morgan)

Published by Lost Horse Press in 2000

My first collection of short stories, most of which were previously published in literary journals and reviews around the nation.  “Song Stealers” won a National Endowment for the Arts in 1982.  All the stories were published with my Nom De Plume “Dick Morgan”, but the publisher apparently didn’t like the name “Dick.”  Nonetheless, I am very fond of this collection of my early work, some of my best.

Warrior Mind:

Strategy and Philosophy from the Martial Arts

Published by Authorhouse in 2009



I have spent 50 years of continuous class practice in the martial arts.  I have black belt rank in Kenpo, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Hapkido.  My highest rank (7th dan) is in Korean Hapkido, which I studied for 40 years.  This book is about my journey, and the wisdom I discovered.

Studying a martial art is not really about learning deadly technique; you can never learn them all.  It’s about developing a thorough knowledge of the principles behind technique, and the mind-set which prepares one to use them (or not use them).  Warrior mind is a positive way of thinking, a kind of “relentless optimism.”  The principles that make martial arts work also make life work; thus, the quest for Warrior Mind becomes a spiritual journey.

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Fire in the Night & Other Stories

Published by Authorhouse in 2021

This is my second collection of short stories, and contains my novella, “Fire in the Night,” which took me nearly 40 years to write.  Also included is my short children’s fable, Vido’s Stone,” which won first place in the Kay Snow (Willamette Writers) writing competition in 1983.  Also included is my lead story, “May Eleventh,” about returning from service in Vietnam to a deeply divided America which was almost as dangerous.

Kirkus Reviews called this “A captivating collection of tales which delight and enlighten.”

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